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Friday 5th March

Phonics Friday 5th March 2021

Starter – Play Flash cars speed trials on Phonics play. Select phase 3 and 5A.

Flashcards Speed Trials (

Activity – Play quick write using the words listed on the attached document. Then read the sentences highlighting the words containing the phoneme ai.

Application – Play the ‘ai’ sound family: Phonics phonopoly board game.

Math - Measurement mastery of skills

Today I have set some measuring reasoning questions. Please read the questions carefully and perhaps discuss with your grownup or an older sibling before answering them. 

Topic - Art

You've heard of Carrot club well this is CarArt club! (sorry - cringe) Have a go at drawing some of your favourite veggie friends using the attached guide. 

Reading - Inference picture

Please look carefully at the picture and answer the questions in full sentences.