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Friends of Greenfields (FOGs)

Here at Greenfields we have an active group of parents, teachers, governors, friends, grandparents etc. who work hard to create wonderful opportunities for the children at Greenfields.  This group is known as the "FOGs" which stands for Friends of Greenfields.


The primary aim of the FOGs is to raise money for the school.  These funds help enhance the children's education and assist in improving the school environment.  This in turn gives the children better facilities to have better educational experiences.  We also assist and help out around school by supporting and helping at events.  To enable the children to access school trips we are sometimes called up on to make up the adult ratio.  We have a lot of fun doing these valuable things.


As an adult of a child that attends Greenfields you are automatically classed as belonging to the FOGs, however, if you would like more information about what we do or are considering becoming an "active" volunteer please fill in the form below and we will provide you with more information.  WE ALWAYS NEED MORE VOLUNTEERS!

Considering joining us?

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