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Welcome to the Greenfields Nursery information page.  On this page you should find all of the information you require regarding the Nursery offer at Greenfields.  However, if you require further information please contact the main school office on 01622 758538 or fill in the 'Contact Us' form at the bottom of this page.
To see the Nursery in action please click the link below and select Pear Trees.

Greenfields Nursery offers free 15 hour places for 3 and 4 year olds.   In addition to this, we also offer free 30 hours spaces to 3 and 4 year old children whose parents are eligible.  This offer is provided for 38 weeks a year in line with Greenfields Community Primary School’s term dates.


Organisation of sessions

Children are funded the term after their 3rd  birthday to attend 15 hours at nursery each week. At Greenfields this is split into five three hour sessions. Children attend either the morning (8.30- 11.30) or the afternoon (12.15-3.15). Parents are asked their preference of session time; however no guarantees can be made.  There are a limited number of 30 hour spaces available at Greenfields, for children who are at least 3 years old with parents who are eligible.  Children who stay for 30 hours a week will be in school from 8.30-3.15, with lunch arrangements in place from 11.30-12.15.  Children who stay at school during the lunch period are provided with a hot school dinner and supervision by qualified staff.  There is a daily charge of £5 for this provision, which includes the hot meal cooked on the school premises.  Arrangements can be made for children to be collected for a lunch at home and returned for the afternoon session if required.


In addition to this core offer we run Breakfast Club (7.15-8.30) at a daily cost of £5 and After School Club (3.15-6.00) at a daily cost of £10 for our Nursery children.


Securing a nursery place – 15 hours

When parents decide that they would like their child to attend Greenfields’ nursery, an initial interest form is completed. At that point, the child’s name is added to the waiting list. As soon as a space becomes available, the child can start at the nursery.

The nursery places are allocated on a first come first served basis. We therefore cannot guarantee that children who have siblings within school will automatically have a place.  When the child’s place is secured, it does not guarantee exactly which session (AM or PM) they will attend.

It should be noted that when a place is confirmed this does not guarantee the session choice.


Securing a nursery place – 30 hours

When parents decide that they would like their child to attend Greenfields’ nursery, an initial interest form is completed. At that point, the child can start in Nursery if a space is available, the child’s parents are eligible and the child is at least 3 years old.  If a 30 hour space is not available the child’s name will be added to the waiting list.

The waiting list will be ranked based on the following criteria

  • Children who have a sibling currently on role in the Nursery or Years R-6 at Greenfields
  • Children who are already in the nursery settle (currently with a 15 hour place)
  • Distance from school


Rising Threes

As a maintained nursery, we are able to admit rising threes. Ofsted define these children as:  

“Children who are registered pupils at a school and have not reached the age of three but will do so before the end of their first term at school. There are three cut-off dates for the end of a school term:      

31 August

31 December

31 March."


This would mean for example that children who turn three between September and December could start nursery in September. However these children would not be funded until January. Therefore in effect, the school is funding the child’s place for this term.


The EYFS states that in a maintained nursery, where children are 3, there needs to be a ratio of 1 adult to 13 children. However, for rising 3s, the ratio is 1 adult to 4 children. We will therefore limit the number of rising 3s we admit. In order to effectively meet the needs of all children, and to ensure that ratios are securely met, we could take a maximum of four rising 3s at each intake. After this, any further children who are rising 3s would have to wait until a space became available (in the next intake). It is at our discretion if we decide to admit a child who is rising 3 or not.


Nursery Enquiry

If you have any questions regarding our Nursery provision please contact us via this link.