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History Detectives Club

History Detectives is one of the brilliant after school clubs on offer to KS1 pupils at Greenfields. Children will get to take part in a range of activities to encourage them to think like historians and learn about areas of history that they perhaps may not cover in class!

Excavating dinosaur bones!

Miss B-H placed a lot of photos around the classroom but didn’t tell us what they were of! We had to use our best detective skills to try and work it out! 

Here’s some of our comments from our conversation…read to the end to see how we worked out what the photos were of!


“It’s an olden day picture. I think it was found in a cave, like drawn on.”


“It’s black. Like charcoal.”


“I see squiggly lines in a tunnel!”


“I can see rocks!”


“I see lots of animals. And hunters.”


“I see cows. And animals that live on the farm. Hunted for meat.”


“Horses running and escaping!”


“These people are hunters. They’re early humans and they eat meat!”


“Cave men! So these paintings are done in caves!”

Analysing photos of cave paintings and creating our own…

Our amazing cave paintings!

We have been learning about The Great Fire of London…

 As Bonfire Night is this week, history club have been learning about The Gunpowder Plot! We learnt the story and looked closely at the items that Guy Fawkes would have had with him. We showed excellent historical enquiry when looking at a picture of Guy Fawkes’ lantern!


“I think it’s made of metal. They didn’t have plastic!”

“You take the top of the lamp off then out fire in it.”

“I think they used oil in their lamps.”

“Batteries weren’t invented yet!”

Remember, remember the 5th November!