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Home Learning Week 2 (11th-15th January)

Monday 11th January 2021

Topic - This week we are focusing on our capital city London. Today we would like you to watch 'Paddington' and see what London landmarks you can find. If you do have Paddington the movie at home, please click on the link below to watch clips from the film.

Paddington | London Like You've Never Seen it Before | Amazing Adventures - YouTube 

Paddington | A Different Side of London | Friendly Faces - YouTube


Phonics - Today we are doing our final recap before we start introducing new sounds this week. Please could you play 'flash cars' first, then go onto reading words on 'buried treasure' on phonics play. If you would like a challenge please go onto 'sentence structure on phonics play to read the captions. 


Reading - As said in the topic, our focus this week will be our capital London. Please can you listen to the story 'Katie in London' on YouTube. Making a list of all the London Landmarks Katie comes across in the story. 

Katie in London story read aloud with pictures - YouTube 


Maths - This week we are going to start looking at addition. Watch the video below to see Miss Elphick explain today's challenge!

Introducing Addition

Still image for this video

Tuesday 12th January 2021

Topic- Following on from our Paddington video yesterday, we would like you to imagine you have visited a London Landmark. Can you write a postcard to someone telling them about that landmark? Draw a picture of it and write a simple sentence about it too.
eg. To Mum, I am at Big Ben. It is big. From _______
You can use the postcard template below or design one of your own.

Phonics- For phonics today, Mrs Turner has created a video to help us recap the correct pronunciations and actions for all of the sounds we have learnt so far. Please watch the video below and practice your sounds and actions with Mrs Turner!

Phonics Recap

Still image for this video

We would then like you to practice your letter formation- remember we use cursive writing so all of our lower case letters should have a lead in and lead out. Open the document below for an example of how to form all of our phase 2 letters using our cursive writing.

Maths- Following on from Miss Elphick’s video yesterday, we would like you to continue using objects in your house to practice adding. Please complete the addition sums below.

Guided Reading- Listen to the story ‘Katie in London’ again and then read the captions below, identifying if they are true or false.

Wednesday 13th January 2021


Topic – For today’s topics activity we would like you to watch the video below by clicking the link. Choose a London landmark you saw in the video, can you draw it and label it. Please remember to use your phonics when writing. For example, buckinham palis.

Fun Cartoons for Kids - Peppa Pig Goes to London - YouTube 


Reading For today’s reading we would like you to choose a story to read on ‘Oxford Owl Reading challenge.’. To do this, please click the link below to access the website. Click home reading, you will have to register to access this, it is free. Please start with level lilac/pink and red.

Oxford Owl for School and Home


Maths - Please complete the addition sums on the document below. You can either use objects to help you or for a challenge complete the sums without objects.

Phonics - Below are 4 short phonics videos.

Please watch them in the order below and complete the activities

Phonics play is a website mentioned in the videos. 

Login details:

Username: phonplay2 

Password: greenfields 

1 - recap

Still image for this video

2 - teach

Still image for this video

3 - practise

Still image for this video

4 - apply

Still image for this video

The words are ... jig, jab, jack, jet, jug, jam. 

Thursday 14th January 2021

Topic - For today's topic we would like you to create one of London's Landmark, using any resources in your house. (Eg, lego, junk modelling, playdough etc). Please click on the PowerPoint below to see pictures of London Landmarks. 

Maths  - Today's math challenge is to apply your addition skills to complete the addition sums up to 20. 

Reading - The story of 'Katie in London' she explores London with her brother. We could see the England a few times in the story, using the template below please create your own unique flag.

1 - recap

Still image for this video

2 - teach

Still image for this video

3 - practise

Still image for this video

4 - apply

Still image for this video

Friday 15th January 2021
Topic- For topic today, we would like you to think about other UK landmarks. Take a look at the video below and see if you can find a UK Landmark that is not in London. (Eg. Stonehenge, Angel of the North etc.)
Can you draw a picture of your chosen landmark and label it?


Maths- You have worked really hard on addition this week. Today we would like you to try writing your own number sentences. I have attached some numbers on the document below. Can you add the two numbers together to find the answer and then write out the full number sentence, remembering to include your + and = signs?
The first one would be ‘7 + 3 = 10’
For an extra challenge, can you make up some number sentences of your own?

Guided Reading- Click the link below to read the story ‘Katie in Scotland’ written by the same author who wrote ‘Katie in London’. Once you have finished the story, can you discuss which story you preferred and why? How is Scotland different to London?

Phonics- For phonics today, we are going to recap our learning from this week. Please complete the activities below.

Recap- play flashcards on phonics play, recapping all of our phase 2 sounds and our new sounds ‘j’ and ‘v’ from phase 3.

Practise- On phonics play, click on ‘Buried Treasure’ and select ‘phase 3’. Choose either ‘j’ or ‘v’ words. Read each word and if it is real- put it in the treasure chest, if it is fake- put it in the bin.

Apply- Click on the document below and read all of the ‘j’ and ‘v’ words. Can you draw a line to match each word to the correct picture?