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Key Stage 1

Throughout term two, KS1 have been learning about invasion games. The children have played a variety of different games where they have to invade other children’s space. Some of the games have been contact games, while others have been games where you have to have excellent special awareness. We focused on these games so children can develop their special awareness skills and invading skills before applying the to real game play situations.

Take a look at the photos below which show the children playing lots of different invasion games.

Here, the children have been playing Toilet Stuck in the Mud. In this game, there are 3 children who are stickers, their job is to stick as many children as possible. When a child is stuck, they have to stand with bent knees and their arm out in front of them. To be freed, another child has to come and pull their arm down and ‘flush the chain’, they are now free to run around again. 

In this game, the children had to focus on their special awareness skills. Spread out on the floor were a lot of cones, some where the right way up, some were upside down. All the children were split into two teams and they were given a cone position. The children then had to turn as many cones over as possible to match the position their team had been given. 

For this game, the children had to be extra vigilant of their surrounding. All the children found a space in the hall and sat with their feet apart - this then created ‘a mouse house’. One child was then given the role of cat, and another the role of a mouse. The cat has to chase the mouse and then once they are caught, they swap roles. At any time, a mouse can find a seat in a mouse house, this then releases the child who was the mouse house and they become the cat. 

Another game the children played was Fishy Fishy. In this game, the children were all fish in the safe zone and had to run through the sea, past some sharks, to the other safe zone. If a shark caught them, they became seaweed which was frozen in place. This game continues until there is one child left standing!