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Space topic!

KS1 are heading into space, exploring the planets in our solar system, the sun and the moon. This will all be brought to life through an amazing VR space workshop! Children will dress up in their best space outfits, create their own papier-mâchéplanets and learn some amazing facts about space. During this topic, they will also explore a range of historical sources to understand the lives and significance of Katherine Johnson and Neil Armstrong, comparing the two individuals and creating facts files!

We looked at a range of historical sources to find information about significant space individuals: Neil Armstrong and Katherine Johnson

Superheroes Topic!

Pupil Voice!


Can you tell me something about your history learning this term?


“About Rosa Parks and Florence Nightingale- she cleaned the hospital!”

“Mary Anning discovered that some fossils had ink in so this told her that some creatures from long ago could squirt ink.”

“Rosa Parks was born 4th February 1913. She died on 2nd October 2005.”


What does significant mean? Why were Rosa Parks/ Mary Anning/ Florence Nightingale significant?


“Florence Nightingale made the hospitals all clean. Before they were dirty but now they’re clean.”

“Significant means they changed the world. Mary changed how scientists thought about women.”

“It means you did something important. Rosa changed life for black people on the busses.”



How were Rosa Parks/ Mary Anning/ Florence Nightingale similar? How were they different?


“They are both superheroes. They both got a medal.”

“They both saved the world. They're different because Rosa was an ordinary person who did something special. Mary already had a special talent.”

“They were both treated unfairly. They were different because they changed different things.”


How can we learn about people from the past?


“You could look at fossils and things in the ground. You could read things that people have written.”

“Dig up bones! Or we could watch films and look at photos.”