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Learning conferences - information

Parents’ evenings are changing!


Key things you need to know:


These will now be called ‘Learning Conferences’.

It is essential that your child attends with you- because your child will be showing you their best pieces of work and talking about their recent learning. Your child will also tell you what skills they are working on at the moment and we will discuss what we can all do for your child to make the best progress possible!


The meeting will be led by the child and supported by their teacher.

Teachers or TAs will note down the key points in the discussion and will stick this in your child’s learning experience book. It will look like this:

                     Learning Conference Record




What your teacher and parents agree you are good at:






The level your teacher and parents agree you are working at:



Ways in which your teacher can help you

to improve:






Ways in which your parent(s) can help you improve:






Signed (parent)



Signed (teacher)

Signed (child)



You will be able to tell us afterwards how helpful the meeting was by completing a simple evaluation. Your child’s class teacher or TA will give it to you.


If you have other children with you, we can look after them in the hall so you have quality time with each child and their teacher!


Make sure you book your appointment!

We look forward to seeing you soon.