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Hands-on history!


LKS2 have had so many wonderful opportunities this term to become active learners of history. LKS2 teachers planned and delivered a fantastic workshop to kick-start the Learning Experience, where children were involved in an interactive Viking timeline, explored artefacts, used iPads and sources to find answers to a Viking quiz, and even hold a Viking sports day!

Children in LKS2 had an amazing Viking workshop at Kent Life. They talked through a brief history, how the Vikings travelled and even tried some Viking battle tactics. 

Take a look at some of the amazing Viking work produced by LKS2 children!


Pupil Voice!


Can you tell me something about your history learning this term?

“King Vortigern asked Hengest and Horsa for help with fighting the Scots and Picts. But then he couldn’t pay them so they killed him!”

“Their spears had the names of the Gods written on them in their special writing…runes!”

“Anglo-Saxons were divided into 3 tribes at first- the Angles, Saxons and Jutes.”


Do you know what any of this vocabulary means?

“Angles was one of their tribes.”

“I think Cyning means king.”

“Bretwalda is a chief or king of Britain.”



What different things can we use to learn about people/events from the past?

How trustworthy are these sources?

“We could look at things from the past. The ones we looked at our workshop were copies so we can’t always trust them.”

“Search the internet! Some of the stuff isn’t always true though because anyone can put stuff on the internet.”

“Artefacts! You’d be best off digging them up from the ground though”