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What’s in my pencil case?


Children in LKS2 have been learning about items in the classroom! They know lots of new vocabulary and have linked this to their prior learning, discussing what they have or don’t have in their pencil cases!  

At the Cafe!


Children in LKS2 have had a really authentic and immersive Spanish experience! They have run their own Spanish cafes, inviting their families and teachers along! They served all of their customers while speaking Spanish and even created some brilliant menus to help others with the vocabulary and encourage them to order in Spanish. As well as learning new vocabulary, children were also encouraged to continue to practise core vocabulary, such as introductions and greetings. Great job LKS2!

Knowledge Organiser

LKS2's families (and teachers) had a great time at their Spanish cafes!

LKS2 children created some wonderful menus for their cafe!

They learnt lots of new vocabulary!

Animals and Colours


During term 2, LKS2 have been learning how to talk about animals and colours in Spanish. They have worked really hard to learn the vocabulary, complete puzzles, word scrambles and crosswords! They’ve also been practising their pronunciation and speaking skills!

Introducing ourselves


During Term 1, LKS2 will be learning how to introduce themselves ( say their name, age and how they are feeling), ask questions, discuss colour and count from 1-20.


Click the link below to see the knowledge organiser for this term. Then, have a look at the wonderful work they've produced!