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Lower Key Stage 2

This term, Sycamore Tree Class will be developing the balance, strength and movement skills through gymnastics.

Maple Tree Class and Chestnut Tree Class will be going swimming and building on their teamwork skills.

Lesson 3

Sycamore class went over all the stretches and balances from the last two weeks to help develop their core strength. We then worked on our hopping and jumping.

Maple and Chestnut class put all their knowledge of communication to good practise today when playing benchball. Today was the best they have ever played it!

Lesson 2

Sycamore Class revisited the balances and stretches from last week to help build up their core strength. They then learnt some new positions to aid their balance and strength further.

Maple and Chestnuts continued to work on their team building skills with a game of silent benchball. The children we not allowed to talk for a whole lesson to help them understand the value of good communication in sport.

Lesson 1

To warm up for PE, all our LKS2 classes played The Pirate Game. They had to run to the different areas of the boat and also salute the captain when they arrived and scrub the deck to make sure it was clean!

Sycamore Tree Class worked on some stretches to help with their posture and flexibility. The they moved onto building up their core stretches with some challenging balances. 

Maple Tree and Chestnut Tree Class have been working on their team building skills by playing benchball.