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Lower Key Stage 2

This term, the children learnt the key skills needed to play basketball.

They started off focusing on being able to dribble the ball confidently. To do this, the children completed lots of dribbling drills every week to build on their pre-existing skills and confidence. Once they had masted the basics of this, we then moved onto being able to dribble without looking directly at the ball and rather focusing on our surrounding areas. 

We then focused on being able to throwing and catching the ball in different ways. We looked at chest passes, overhead passes and shoulder passes. 


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We also played a game which helped us focus on our attacking and defending skills. For this game, the children had to dribble their ball in a confined area with everyone else doing the same. They had to ensure they kept full control of their ball, preventing it from going outside the square. While they were keeping control of their ball, they also had to try to push other peoples balls out of the area. At times, we also introduced non-ball players who's only job was to put pressure on the children and try to get as many balls out of the area as possible. 

While this game was happening, the other children had the task of watching and judging the game, while also constantly bouncing their balls to help them further develop their personal ball control skills.