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Monday 1st March

Phonics Revisit & Recap

This week we will be revisiting and recapping phase 5c phonics to help with our spelling and recognise patterns in words.

Starter please use the following link - Tricky Word Trucks ( to practice reading tricky words. Please select PHASE 5 ALL HFW

Activity – This week we are going to be reviewing alternative pronunciations for graphemes. Today we will explore the alternative pronunciation for the digraph ai.

Practice saying the ai phoneme (sound). Play phoneme spotter. Read the text identifying words containing the phoneme (sound) ai. Highlight or underline each word containing the phoneme ai then write each word found under the correct grapheme.

Application – Complete the colour by phonics alternative pronunciation for ai.

Maths - Measurement 

This week we will be bringing together all of the learning from last week. Hopefully you remember enough from last week to be able to complete a lot of the activities independently. 


Topic - Plant survival 

Last week, we started to look at what plants need to grow and survive. Today, we are going to look at plant survival in more detail. For the video please click on the link: What does a plant need to grow? - BBC Bitesize 

Reading - Carrot club story part 1

Please read through the text then answer the questions in full sentences.