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Monday 25th

Phonics Monday 25th


Starter – please use the following link Rocket Rescue ( and choose Phase 4 to work through


Activity and Application – Please use the link below to the BBC website. Watch the video titled - Learn about the four types of sentences with Mr Firth.


He will teach about the four different types of sentences and at the end of the video will ask you to complete tasks alongside him. Verbally complete these tasks with an adult or sibling.


Using the four types of sentence - Year 2 - P3 - English - Catch Up Lessons - Home learning with BBC Bitesize - BBC Bitesize


Adding different amounts (2 digit + 1 digit)


Today in maths, you are visiting the Oak Tree Toy Shop. You will need to choose a two toys and add their values together to find the total value. Mrs Webber has created a video below to remind you how to use a blank numberline when adding two numbers together. 

Using a blank numberline to add 2 digits by 1 digits

Still image for this video

Remeber to - 

  • Choose 2 toys 
  • Write the number sentence eg 12p + 5p = 
  • Draw your peas under the second number 
  • Draw a numberline 
  • Write the first number at the beginning
  • Take your pea jumps (Number of peas under your second number)
  • Count in ones - placing the number at the end of each jump 
  • Write your answer 
  • Check 

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