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Monday 8th

Phonics Monday 8th February 2021


Starter: Play Dragons Den on Phonics play. Select phase 5 and then revise all phase 5.

Dragons Den (


Activity: This week we will be learning about speech marks and how they are used. Speech marks also known as inverted commas, show when someone is speaking. When using speech marks we need to remember these rules:

  • Use a comma to separate what is being said in the rest of the sentence;
  • Use a capital letter to start direct speech;
  • Use punctuation to finish the direct speech;
  • Close the direct speech with speech marks.

Woody jumped up, “I have to go home with my friends!”

Watch the video, ‘Punctuation: An introduction to speech marks’.

Punctuation: Introduction to speech marks (KS2) - Bing video


Application: read the text and highlight the speech marks



Today, we are looking at reading an analogue clock. We are going to be working on O'clock and Half Past. 

Please watch the video to help develop an understanding of how to tell the time to O'clock and Half past and then answer the attached sheets. 

How to Tell the Time - Educational Video for Kids