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Term 5 

Animal Antics - Music

In our Learning Experience we have been exploring different ways to play and compose music. We looked at different musical pieces inspired by a range of animals and discussed how the musicians have used different tempos, dynamics and pitches to represent the animal's mannerisms and movements. In groups, we were given an animal and composed a piece using instruments. Once we practised and perfected our piece, it was time to perform for the rest of the class! 

Term 5

Digital Wellbeing

 In our Learning Experience we have been learning all about digital wellbeing and E-Safety. We discussed how we can stay safe when using the internet and what to do if we're ever unsure! We read through Smartie the Penguin's dilemmas and we explored Google’s online game ‘Interland’ where we ventured into the different worlds that promote e-safety and being kind online! At the end of the week, we created a poster about how to stay safe online, where we used all the knowledge we learnt to help others!



Term 5

Plants - Science

In our learning journey, we dive deep into the fascinating world of plants. From understanding their basic needs for survival to exploring their life cycle. We investigate concepts like seed germination, seed dispersal, and pollination, discovering the intricate mechanisms that sustain plant life.  

Through hands-on activities and engaging discussions, students gain a newfound appreciation for the vital role plants play in our ecosystem. To enhance our learning experience, we ventured into the great outdoors with a local trip to Mote Park. Here, students engage in fieldwork, observing plants in their natural habitat and connecting their knowledge with real-world experiences. 



Term 4

Islam - RE

In our Learning Experience we explored the Islamic religion and Muslim culture. Through engaging discussions and activities, we explored their traditions, beliefs, and contributions. We looked at traditional stories and Nasheeds, which are works of musical art that coincide with hymns within Islamic culture. Let’s celebrate diversity together! 



Term 4

Sewing - DT 

In DT, we explored the art of needlework, starting with the basic techniques like running stitch and cross stitch. By examining other bookmarks and analysing their features, we sparked creativity and explored what best design elements would suit our project. We then designed and created our own bookmarks, choosing stitch colours and adding personal touches like our initials.  



Term 4

Dinosaurs - History


In History, we journeyed back in time to the era of dinosaurs and delved into the fascinating world of palaeontology. We started by identifying the diverse array of dinosaurs that roamed the Earth, discovering their unique features and adaptations. We explored the different periods within the dinosaur era; the Triassic Period, Jurassic Period, and Cretaceous Period, which allowed children to gain insight into the evolution and diversity of these prehistoric creatures. We examined fossils by understanding the fossilisation process and learnt how palaeontologists reconstruct our history. We paid homage to the pioneer Mary Anning by looking at her celebrated work and groundbreaking discoveries that contributed to our understanding of dinosaurs. Finished off with a class trip to Wingham Wildlife Park. 




Term 3 

Diversity and Acceptance - PSHE

In our Learning Experience we embraced differences and celebrated diversity. We discussed LGBTQ rights and explored inspiring individuals within our society that are a part of the LGBTQ+ community. We also explored different celebrations within the community, such as Pride Month and discussing how it is all about having fun, being yourself and accepting others!


We also discussed different disabilities. We explored the differences between visible disabilities and invisible disabilities. We looked at successful and influential individuals within society and understood the importance of British Sign Language, we even had a go at signing our own names! We also played a game of Boccia, which is a famous Paralympic ball sport.


We then explored the diversity of races and religions in our society. We understand that diversity is essential, and we celebrate everyone regardless of their race and religion. Through discussions and activities, we promote acceptance and respect for all individuals!




Term 3 - Maths 

In maths, we have been looking at our near doubles! We used counters and a tens frame to find our double, then added one more!



Term 3

Animals including Humans - Science

Science Experiment! In our Learning Experience we have been looking at the importance of hygiene and washing our hands. We conducted a science experiment using bread!

We split into 4 groups, where Group 1 touched a slice of bread with their unwashed hands.

Group 2 touched a slice of bread after washing their hands with just water.

Group 3 touched a slice of bread after washing their hands with water and soap.

Group 4 wiped a slice of bread over our class iPads

We also had a fresh untouched piece of bread, so we could compare the differences! Each piece of bread was placed in a Ziploc bag and left in a cool, dry place. We have been observing our bread to see how it changes!



In maths, we have been looking at adding and subtracting.  We have been using the manipulatives to try and solve problems around adding and subtracting 1 or 2.

We had a look at 3 different abstract artists and picked out some shapes in their work.  We then tried drawing the shapes and used the colours from the artists' work to paint them.

Amazing Artists! We have been doing some art in our Learning Experience. We have looked at primary and secondary colours and then spoken about how different colours can demonstrate different emotions.  We had a go at using the paint to express different emotions.

We have been doing music to kick off term 2! We have compared two inspirational artists (Lewis Capaldi and Taylor Swift), appraised their music and then learnt about a beat.  We learnt how to clap out a beat, listened for the beat in Shake it Off by Taylor Swift before having a go at creating the beat with instruments.

In English we have started to think about adjectives and practiced writing descriptive words about the characters from our story, Look Up! before turning these into full sentences!

We attended a special online book event where Julia Donaldson and her illustrator Victoria Sandoy launched their new book, The Oak Tree! We got to hear Julia read the story and watch Victoria draw some of the pictures. We then had a go at drawing our own oak trees!

As part of our topic, we started looking at habitats and went on a bug hunt to investigate what habitats we could find around the school!

We had so much fun during our teacher dress up day! Everyone looked amazing!


We have continued to practice using maths manipulatives, this time to help us find 1 more or less.

We have also been looking at numbers as words and played a matching memory game!

We have been looking at similarities and differences between the UK and China for our topic this week and had a go at using chopsticks and painting Chinese characters.


This week we have been practising using our maths manipulatives to help us count.

We have been learning about how a sentence needs a subject and an action to make sense and worked together to come up with some silly sentences!

During our topic lessons we have been thinking about the difference between natural and human features of the world around us and went on a walk around the school grounds to see what we could spot that was man-made or from nature! We then had a go at sorting some of these features.

We have also been thinking about what climate means and the four seasons we experience in the UK. We created some beautiful artwork to show our understanding!


We have had a fabulous first week of Year 1, and I am so proud of how well Lime Trees have settled into a new class environment!

We have been recapping our phonics knowledge.

We have been exploring different ways of sorting a range of items in maths.

We have started our Amazing World topic and enjoyed exploring maps, atlases and globes and went on a 'trip' around the different continents through looking at pictures of their key landmarks, animals and important cultural items.