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Community Garden

At Greenfields we are fortunate enough to have an abundance of green space. As a result, we are keen to use this space to further increase our positive impact on the community. On this page, you will find updates about our Community Garden Project, Phase one of which started in May 2019, using materials donated by local businesses. Throughout the project we will post information about our progress and seek out volunteers whenever we think we need them. Recently, we have been excited to also offer this as a space for our neighbours at Five Acre Wood Satelite Sixth Form to develop their lifelong gardening skills. 


We are also incredibly lucky to be chosen for the site of over 1000 trees, across 4 sites in the grounds. At the beginning of January 2023, we were finally able to hold two planting days with volunteers from KCC, Golding Homes and Parents, alongside our Gardening club members. The whole event was managed by the Medway Valley Countryside Partnership and has been a great success! We still have a number of trees to plant across the garden area and later this year, we will be planting a new orchard in our Nursery space!