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Religious Education at Greenfields

The aim of R.E. at Greenfields is to engage pupils’ curiosity in contemplating and considering ‘human questions’ through:

  • Gaining a ‘collectively enough’ understanding of the underlying concepts and principles of the main world religions and their followers (Jewish People, Christians, Muslims and Hindus).
  • Studying and discussing of religious and non-religious worldviews.
  • Developing an understanding of varied responses to such questions from different individuals, even from those from the same religious institution.
  • Exploring a range of ‘ways of knowing’- e.g. texts (religious/non-religious), questioning people, artefacts, testimonials and vignettes.

From this, children should develop the skills to devise their own opinions and answers to these questions, choosing, selecting and integrating concepts and principles from religious institutions and non-religious worldviews with their own personal knowledge and experiences to in time, generate their own, individual worldview.