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As you can see from the progression document below, we have an ambitious vision for the children at Greenfields.  We believe all elements of PE should be highly engaging and enjoyable allowing children to develop their dance, gymnastics and games skills.  We expect children to develop skills and be able to apply them, at an age appropriate level, to competition showing the school's 5 core values at all times.  We are committed to ensuring all children are able to meet the national curriculum expectations for swimming by the time they leave us in Year 6.  To achieve this, children from Year R-6 go swimming ever academic year.


If you would like more detail regarding our PE curriculum, please use the contact form at the bottom of this page.

Term 1 - 2020/21


We are looking forward to PE across school in term 1. 


We will be covering...

Early Years - Experimenting with different ways of moving and negotiating space

KS1 - Games - striking and fielding skills

LKS2 - Gymnastics

UKS2 - Games - Invasion Games - Hockey (Palm), Swimming (Elm and Silver Birch)


Click the links below for further information of what we are covering.  Keep checking back as we will be adding lots of pictures and additional information!

PE curriculum

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