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Mrs Judd, our Nursery teacher, will be uploading pictures and news to this page. 


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2017/18 was a great year in Pear Trees - scroll down to see some of the highlights!
Term 1
Welcome to all our children and their families who have joined Pear Tree class this term and those who have returned after the Summer holidays. We are looking forward to an exciting year ahead. The children have already settled in so well and are now confidently exploring their learning environment and resources. 
Mark making skills are developing brilliantly and the children are becoming confident when forming the letters of their name.
The children have been exploring lots of creative ways to use the environment and the resources.
The children in Pear Tree class made cakes for the Macmillan coffee morning. All the children worked as a team.
When it rains we get on our wet weather clothes and splash in the puddles.
Term 2
For our Halloween celebrations the children created their own spooky chocolate cakes. This required teamwork and a great deal of resilience as it was so tempting to eat the ingredients before they were made into cakes.
The staff and children came to school wearing special clothes for the day.
The children enjoyed trying lots of different Halloween activities and we even had a party.
Christmas time fun and learning in Pear Tree class
During the last part of term 2 the children were able to participate in lots of different festive craft activities and parents and carers came along to join in too.
The children remembered all the words and actions to the Christmas songs and dance they had learnt for the Early years Christmas performance. They were super star snowflakes.
Finally this term we have started to build a Winter igloo using milk cartons. We have been very lucky to have so many donated and this has meant we have made a very good start and we are looking forward to finishing it when we return in term 3.
We visited The Reindeer Centre in Ashford to meet Father Christmas. The children got to meet the reindeer, play in the snow pit and see Father Christmas.
At the end of term the children had the opportunity to toast marshmallows and drink hot chocolate around a campfire. They learnt how to be safe around a camp fire and the best way to toast a marshmallow without it burning.
Term 3
This term the children have been exploring ways to make meaningful marks and develop their writing skills.
Jake used both hands to create circles in the foam
"Look I can write my first letter."
Rayyaan traced circles with great pen control.
Theo created a detailed map.
He added more details including his brother Milo.
Alex has a strong tripod grip for writing.
Fatima said "Look my name."
The children have been learning about foods from other countries. They made pizzas for snack time.
First Henry-Joe had to open the pizza base mix.
Next Ruby gave the mix a good stir.
Layla rolled out the dough.
Then it was time to chop peppers.
Everyone was careful when using the knives.
Finally they were ready for the oven,

Igloo update!!

After several attempts at constructing the igloo in the outdoor area the weather became such a problem that the igloo was deconstructed and rebuilt in our role play room. Mrs Tritton was a real superstar and helped us to complete it quickly so that the children could access their new artic explorers world.

Thank you so much to all the parents, children and staff who donated empty milk bottles.

Artic explorers exploring all the new resources.
Identifying and recording artic animals.
"I can see you and you are bigger."
Learning how to use equipment correctly.
Children discuss what they observe.
The children who stay all day through accessing 30 hour funding are making fantastic progress and adjusting so well to their  new routine. 
All school meals are cooked in our school kitchen.
Jake was so excited about the vegetables.
Children are encouraged to serve their own food.
Alex loves the vegetables so much he has more.
Children have the chance to try new foods.
Everyone enjoys the delicious food together.
Everyone in Pear Tree class took part in the NSPCC danceathon in the school hall. Lots of cool moves were on display and the children worked really hard to follow directions.
Gerald the Giraffe came to visit our parent story telling workshop. He shared our favourite stories with everyone. He read "Room on a Broom" and "The Gruffalo". We knew lots of the words so we all joined in.
At the end of the workshop the children shared their learning experiences with their parents.
Our Chinese New Year celebrations.
We all had a delicious Chinese lunch together.
Term 4
This term we are going to be reading and sharing lots of different stories. Each week we will focusing on a new book. We started this term with dressing up for World Book Day.
During the first week of this term we have been reading the story "Mr Wolf's Pancakes" by Jan Fearnley. The children then made pancakes and tried to flip them.
" Look out the pan is hot !"
"I think I can I get it to flip up high."
"This is going to be tricky!"
" I like chocolate on my pancakes."
" One two three flip!"
" Mine is gonna go high up."
" My pancake looks yummy now."
" I did it."
" I can do a pancake flip."
" I cook it."
" I like pancakes for snack. "
" My pancake has gone!"
" Look Mrs Judd I am flipping it!"
" Mix it."
Watch Mr Andrews make his own pancake and flip it.
We have been working with our partner class Chesnuts to learn about the story of "The Gingerbread man."
Mrs Nicola Parkhouse came to read the book she has written to us. The story is called " Morris the Stealing Magpie." We all really enjoyed listening to it.
We have been doing a run in the playground each day and we invited our parents and carers to come and join us.

Term 5


This term we have been exploring the new playground equipment on the field. It is very exciting learning how to tackle physical challenges and sometimes a bit scary but we showed great resilience!
"Faster Mrs Judd. We want to go really high!"
"Watch out Cami you may go very high."
"This is a bit scary but I can do it."
"Look I am like Spiderman."
"I am wobbling across the bridge."
"I like this see saw. It is really big."
" Look me!"
"I can do this Mrs Judd."
Now that our new bike garage is complete we are able to use our wheeled vehicles daily. We have been learning to move them with control and navigate them carefully.

Term 6


At the beginning of this term the children continued to develop their cooking skills. They made fruit kebabs and scrambled eggs for their snack. This required a great deal of concentration and great hand and eye co-ordination.
"This is a bit tricky."
" These fruit kebabs are yummy for snack."
"Mrs O'Neill I can crack eggs. "
"This egg is very hard. "
"You need to mix it up and mix it up."
Whilst playing in the adventure playground lots of the children found some strange looking creatures. They decided to try and find out what they were and found a book to help identify them. They discovered they were ladybird larvae.
We were able to take the morning children to a Butterfly Experience at a local garden centre where the children were able to see some beautiful tropical butterflies. The staff also shared lots of information about the transformation process.
Our Early Years Sports Day