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Phase 5 - 15th


Please logon to 'phonics play' and click on 'flashcards speed trials', phase 3 and 5.



Split your paper in 2, one side real, and the other side fake. 

Some of them are real words and some are fake words.


Ask an adult to read out the below words, one at a time.

Decide which side to write the word. 

Remember that some are split digraphs!


  • stone 
  • reneat 
  • stapue 
  • explode
  • toy 
  • jole 
  • vay
  • fube 
  • enroy 
  • phantom 




Yes or no game!

Come up with an action for yes (e.g. jump) and no (e.g. clap). 

Read the attached questions and work out if the answer is yes or no, then you can do the correct action based on the answer!