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Term 1

What are we covering this term?


KS1: All About Me! (Animals including humans)


Children will develop their knowledge that animals, including humans, have offspring which grow into adults, as well as understanding the basic needs of humans for survival. In addition, the importance of exercise, food and hygiene for a healthy lifestyle will be explored.


Click the link below for further information about our Science coverage for Term 1. Keep checking back as we will be adding lots of pictures and examples of our amazing work!


What does a chicken need to survive?


Key Stage one have been looking into the basic needs of animals and humans. They found out that all animals need air (to breath), water (to keep hydrated), food (to provide energy) and shelter (to keep them warm and safe). Oak and Lime then looked at a range of different animals and matched the needs to each animal. Willow tree class, looked at what chicks do and don't need. 

They all then used this knowledge, to help them create new chicken coops. Look at the amazing designs! They all thought really carefully about all four things they needed to provide the chickens with. 

​​​​​​How does a chicken grow inside its shell?


Key stage one have been looking closely at the different stages of the egg growth inside the egg and how the embryo develops into a chicken. They created scientific drawings of each stage and used scientific language to label them. How amazing are their drawings and use of language! We are really impressed with the knowledge they have develop throughout their time with the chicks.

Special delivery for Key Stage One


On Monday 28th September, Key Stage had Chicken eggs delivered. The children were not told what was inside them and they had great fun guessing: turtles, ducks, chicks, snakes and many more different animals. By Wednesday 30th, the children arrived in school to find that chicks had hatched in every classroom! Some children were even lucky enough to watch a live hatching! They were amazed at how strong the little chicks were at breaking out of their shells. 

By Thursday morning, they had 30 chicks across the three classrooms. Throughout the week, they observed the changes in the chicks and some of them even got to help clean them out.



Key Stage One have chick eggs being delivered on Monday 28th September! We cannot wait for them arrive and watch them hatch into little chicks for us to observe.

Watch this space for pictures and observations!