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Term 1 2022

This term, we have attended lots of different sporting events and the children have been brilliant! We have demonstrated amazing sportspersonship in both our successes and our defeats. They have really started the year off well and done themselves proud.

LKS2 Kent Teach HockeyThursday 6th October 2022WinnersLKS2 entered two teams into this tournament and both teams played incredibly. Unfortunately, one of our teams were knocked out in the group stages but our other team made it all the way to the final. This team drew their first group game and then went onto win the next three - leaving them top of the group to qualify. They then went onto play in the semi final. This was a close game and the children went 1-0 down initially; however, their heads did not drop and they showed great perseverance and resilience and manged to score, bringing the result tied. This match then went to a golden goal which we scored by the skin of our teeth! In the final, we went onto meet Snodland - the runners up in our group. This was a hard game, but our children battled hard and went onto win the game! They all worked so hard across the whole tournament and were amazing sports people.
UKS2 Kent Teach HockeyThursday 6th October 2022Knocked out in the quarter finals.UKS2 also entered two teams into this tournament and both teams faught hard. Unfortunately, one of our teams were knocked out in the group stages but our other team went onto progress to the quarter finals after coming runners up in the group. In their group, they drew the first game, won the second but lost the third. The quarter finals was a tough game where the children faced Hunton. They were a great opposition but we gave them a good fight. Sadly, we were defeated and Hunton went onto win the whole tournament. Despite the defeat, the children remained positive and were also great sports people.
Mini World Cup at Maidstone UnitedWednesday 12th October 20224th in the groupOn the 12th, 10 year 5/6 boys went to the home of Maidstone United. This was a really exciting visit for the children as they got to meet a Maidstone United first team player and also the Mayor of Maidstone. At this competition, each school represented a different country who will be attended the 2022 World Cup. Greenfields represented Germany. In our group, we faced: Northern Ireland (South Borough), Brazil (Palace Wood), Japan (Valley Invicta Aylesford), Costa Rica (North Borough) and Spain (Loose). The children played incredibly well in all their games, they won the first game 1-0 but then lost the next three games by 1 or 2 goals before drawing the last game 0-0. The children were never outplayed, and they put up strong fights against all their opponents. We sadly did not qualify past the group stages but we still had an excellent time!
Sports Hall AthleticsMonday 17th October 2022Non-competitive event

For this event, we travelled to Maplesden Noakes where we completed a ranged of different sports hall events, including: standing long jump, baton passing, quick step and speed bounce. The aim of each activity was achieve a collective score, rather than compete against one another. The children really worked together well and supported each other through encouragement and coaching. We then went onto to play a big game of dodgeball where one children, particularly, played astoundingly! He was the last child standing against 6 or 7 opponents - including a teacher - and strategically knocked them out one by one, all while dodging flying balls coming his way. When he knocked the last child out, everyone let out the biggest celebration - you would have mistaken it for a World Cup win!

Tennis Skills FestivalWednesday 19th October 2022Non-competitive eventChildren from year 2 and 3 visited Maidstone Tennis Academy where they were introduced to a whole world of tennis! They were given the opportunity to learn new skills and work on any tennis skills they already had. The children all had a wonderful time and their behaviour was impeccable. On many occasions, other adults and the organisers praised the excellent behaviour of our children. The children all had a wonderful time and some have found a new love in tennis.
Cross Country at Mote ParkWednesday 19th October 2022

Boys - 1st and 3rd

Girls - 6th

A group of 12 year 5 and 6 children went to Mote Park to compete in a 2km cross country race. Though the elements were a points tricky, the children's commitment and resilience never faltered. The girls ran first and one of our team achieved a 6th place finish. She ran with all her might and challenged for 4th and 5th but was just pipped at the post. An incredible run nonetheless. The boys then ran second, and despite some hustle and bustle at the start, all our boys got off to a great start. As they came round the final bend, we could see the Greenfield green running kit breezing ahead of the rest, followed by a white kit and then another Greenfield green kit. While the child in second place put up a good challenge for 1st place, we were untouchable as we crossed the line and closely followed by our 3rd place victor. 



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