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Term 1

LKS2 started their learning experience by using atlas to locate continents and oceans.

They created London in their classroom to identify major landmarks.

To see the children's video of when they built London, click the link below. 

The children visited London to use Geographical skills and Fieldwork. They labelled features on aerial photographs and carried out surveys to discover features of the area.

They then compared London to Italy. They used atlases and maps to locate Italy, its regions and main cities.


Children have been exploring their new environments, showing an awareness of the features in their setting and immediate area. 

Children have been playing with small world equipment and play mats to create different environments. 

They created their own representations of buildings around them. 

The Nursery environment allows and encourages children to explore in a range of different environments. 

Year R

Year R have been identifying features of their own immediate environment by walking round our local area. 

They made distinctions between flats, houses, roads and paths. They then made their own representations when they were back in the classroom.