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Term 1 - 'Unsinkable' Titanic

'Unsinkable' Titanic


To kick off our year together, we will be traveling back in time to April 1912 to discover what happened during The Titanic's maiden voyage.  We will begin with a workshop day where we can dress up as passengers, handle artifacts, learn morse code, build boats and enjoy a first-class tea party.  Throughout the term, we will learn about the timeline of events that led to the Titanic's sinking.  We will discover why the Titanic was such an important ship and explore what the cabins were like for first, second and third class passengers before having a go at building our own shoe box cabins.  Finally, we will look at how this event changed sea travel today.  In addition to all this, our English this term will also be linked to the Titanic so we will be writing diary entries and letters in the role of a passenger and we will also produce a fact file to show off all our fantastic knowledge!


On Friday 2nd September, we had our Titanic workshop day.  We got together in the hall first of all to create a timeline to help us understand when the ship was built and order the events that happened on its maiden voyage.  We then learned about how Morse Code is an international method of communication and can be used to send messages.  Then, we worked with Miss Harrison to build 'unsinkable' boats but we found that even the sturdiest boats could sink!  After that, we had the opportunity the handle artifacts and discussed what they were and why they were important to have on a ship.  After lunch, we had a Key Stage 1 quiz to show off how much we had learned and finally celebrated our brilliant learning with a first-class tea party with cakes and sandwiches - very fancy!

We have been learning all about the parts of the ship. We pretended the classroom was the Titanic and we had to locate the bow, stern, hull, deck and life boats on our ship. Then we analysed photos for evidence that proves the Titanic really was as luxurious as people said it was!

We have been learning about how passengers on the Titanic passed the time during the journey. We traditional games such as Tiddly Winks, card games and marbles. Then we went outside and played ring toss, hoop rolling and tennis. Then, we learnt how to Waltz.

We are going to be building shoe box models of the cabins from the Titanic. To help us with the design process, we built prototype furniture to determine what materials and equipment we will need and how big to make the furniture.