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Term 1 - 'Unsinkable' Titanic

Unsinkable Titanic

This term we will travel back in-time to 1912 to travel on the Titanic on her maiden voyage. We will discover what happened to her and the events leading up to her tragic end.

We will begin our learning with a workshop day. We will dress up as passengers and experience a range of different fun activities, and will even enjoy a 'first class' tea party. We will discover why the Titanic was such an important ship and explore what the cabins were like for first, second and third class passengers.  Finally, we will look at how this event changed sea travel today. Our English this term will also be linked to the Titanic and we will be writing diary entries and letters in the role of a passenger. 

Please see the documents below for more information on our topic. 

On Friday 2nd September, we had our KS1 Titanic workshop day. We look brilliant in all of our costumes! 

We started the day by coming together in the hall and creating a timeline to help us to understand the events that lead to the ships sinking. We then went back to the classrooms and experienced different activities, handling artefacts, learning about Morse code and designing and building our own lifeboats - testing them to see how many 'passengers' they could hold. 
After lunch, we had a KS1 quiz about what we had learnt, to show off our knowledge. Finally, we ended our day with a 'first-class' tea party with cakes, biscuits and sandwiches. We had a lot of fun with our learning! 


We learnt about the different levels of The Titanic. We found out that the people that travelled in first and second class were near to the top of the boat and had a lot of exciting activities they could do to keep themselves amused during the voyage. 

We have learnt about some of the different jobs that there would have been on the Titanic. We found out that there were a range of different jobs, all of which were important to the running of the ship. 

Next, we learnt about the different class of cabins that are on the Titanic. We looked at different pictures and learnt some facts about each of these and wrote them in our books. 

Model cabins


Today we started to make our Titanic cabins. We focused on decorating the walls and floors of the cabins today. We thought carefully about which patterns would be good for the walls and floors for each of the classes and used the materials collected to decorate the main part of our rooms! We measured the paper and cut it to size carefully.