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Term 2

This term, the history spotlight is on LKS2, with their fantastic history-led Learning Experience, 'Romans on the Rampage'!


Click the link below to take a look at what will be covered in this exciting experience!

Researching and discussing key figures, using historical vocabulary and dates...

Terrific timelines!

LKS2 are also showing an excellent understanding of chronology. Take a look at the brilliant timelines they have created about the Roman rule.


They have also made some excellent connections to other areas of their history learning… Last year, Year 4 learnt about the Anglo-Saxons. A child in year observed: “The Anglo-Saxons came after the Romans. They left because they got a message from home saying ‘Look to your own defences.’”

We can discuss key events from the Roman timeline in detail!

We know how and when the Roman Empire grew...

We have just started to focus on the Roman invasion of Britannia...

Roman Workshop!


The LKS2 team have planned and delivered a brilliant Roman workshop for the children as an exciting hook to their Learning Experience. They spent the morning creating fabulous laurel wreaths to accompany their costumes, before heading into the hall for an interactive timeline to show the chronology of The Roman Empire (complete with some fantastic props!).


Then, they headed back to classrooms to crack a coded message from the Emperor, Julius Caesar, by matching the Roman Numerals to the correct letter. After this, children enjoyed playing some Roman sports/games, exploring some artefacts and taking part in a quiz. 


Their exciting day concluded with a performance of the Roman myth, 'Romulus and Remus.'


Take a look at the pictures below of their brilliant day!

Every child in LKS2 achieved an observation note in the workshop...

They produced some brilliant write-ups of their day...