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Term 2 2022

UKS2 Pass League Boys Football vs Park WayMonday 14th November 20223-0 win

For our first league match of the year, Greenfield Boys travelled away to Park Way Primary School. It was a hard game with Park Way defending incredibly well and breaking through our defence for some powerful shots - which were very well saved by our keeper, George. The game was tied at half time. The boys went back onto the pitch, knowing they had a tough 20 minutes ahead of them. They continued to push and challenge the defence, having most the possession. Not long into the half, George gained possession and saw a gap in the defence, with no hesitation he took a shot which flew straight into the top corner - a fantastic goal! Park Way came back at us hard after the goal, but they could not get passed George in goal. They soon gave away a free kick just inside their half where Oliver saw his opportunity. He set the free kick up perfectly and launched the ball straight into the back of the net. Another fantastic goal. The game progressed and Park Way looked like they might gain a goal back with some great attacking and shots. Oliver broke free with the ball and ran up the wing, seeing yet another opportunity, he took his shot from outside the penalty box. The ball flew passed their defence and into the back of the net. Three amazing goals. 

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