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Term 2

UKS2- Evolution and Inheritance

Click the link below to look at Elm Tree's amazing final outcomes for this Learning Experience! 

Elm Trees | Greenfields Community Primary School (

Lots of incredible learning on Evolution and Inheritance in UKS2!

LKS2- Living Things

Incredible classification skills and ‘Living Things’ subject knowledge across LKS2!

Children in LKS2 could share lots of amazing facts about this Learning Experience with me!

Isaq- "Sometimes natural disasters destroy habitats."

Ciara- "In a habitat, animals have all the things they need to survive and keep safe."

Hollie- "When you breathe, you breathe in oxygen but plants breathe in carbon dioxide."

Pranita- "When animals eat food, it helps them grow and that's how we get energy."

Lucas S- "An organism is just a living thing."

Frankie- "Vertebrates have a spine but invertebrates don't."

Muhammad- " We sorted all these animals into mammals, reptiles, amphibians, fish, birds, arachnids, insects."

Jack- "Endoskeleton means the skeleton is on the inside like the bones but exoskeleton is on the outside, like a spider."

Lots of amazing exploring, investigating and scientific learning happening in Peach Trees!

KS1 have been busy learning about the different seasons this term! They have linked this in with their Art topic and are using collage to make season pictures. Keep an eye on this page to see their finished product!

Lots of amazing scientific learning happening in Year R! From exploring objects that float and sink and creating car ramps, to using metal detectors and magnets to find objects that are metal or magnetic around the environment!