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Term 2

Should Violet and Herbie go in search of the Malamander?

We created and published missing pages, detailing possible weaknesses of the Malamander. 

Today we visited Eerie-on-Sea (Hastings) where we enjoyed beach-combing, arcades, and fish and chips. Some of us also got to visit the Boat Museum. 

We wrote our own endings to the chapter Close Encounter.

Have a read of the most recent edition of the S.E.A. Messenger. 

We tried hot seating to delve deeper into the thoughts and feelings of our characters who witnessed Mrs Fossil struggling on the beach after she had been attacked by the Malamander. 

Eerie and Cheerie-on-Sea setting descriptions!

We began our English this term by introducing ourselves to our new book, Malamander. We first watched a trailer for the book before investigating some trays which included clues as to who some of the characters in the story might be. By using all the clues from the trays and the trailer as well as taking a first look at the book cover, we were able to make predictions as to what the story might be about and what could happen.