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Term 2 -Aboriginal Artwork

Aboriginal Artwork


This term, we will begin by embracing the artists within us to create an aboriginal-inspired piece of art work.  To do this, we will explore pieces of art from a range of aboriginal artists and identify key patterns, colours and symbols within their pieces. We will explore some of the symbology used and practice using this in our own sketchbooks.  Then, we will identify primary colours and how to mix them to create secondary colours to use in our work.  Before bringing all of these skills together, we will experiment with different tools to create the patterns used in aboriginal art.  When we have created our masterpieces, we will look more at where aboriginal art comes from and make comparisons between the UK and Australia.


Check out the knowledge organiser and our progression grid for this topic:


We explored mixing primary colours to create secondary colours!

We learnt all about the symbols used in aboriginal art and what they represent. Most aboriginal art is linked to nature so we explored Mote Park to see which symbols we could use to recreate a picture of Mote Park in the style of Aboriginal artwork.

We looked at aboriginal artefacts and used the designs on them to plan a piece of our own art work.

We visited Maidstone Museum and art gallery to see the pieces of art on display in the gallery. We also visited the others exhibits and had a great time looking for our surnames in the medal drawers of the military room!

Work on our final pieces has begun!