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Term 3 2023

UKS2 Boys Football Cup Vs West Borough10/01/235-3 win

This was a thrilling game from start to finish and the boys all put in a great shift in order to secure the win. The game kicked off and our team had great possession around the pitch and dominated over West Borough. Early on, we won a free kick with was taken very well by Bradley. George made contact with the ball to touch it onto Tommy to tucked it away into the back of the net. 1-0 Greenfields.

Kicking off again, the boys regained possession and George put in a lovely cross into the box, sadly, the boys were unable to make contact with the ball due to some excellent defending from the opposition.

Later, Oliver demonstrated some lovely footballing skills and crossed the ball into the box for Ollie, setting himself up with some great touches to cross the ball into the box which led to an own goal by West Borough. 2-0 Greenfields at half time.

After some more great football and a shot on target from the Greens, a lovely goal kick was taken by the West Borough goalkeeper which went straight to the feet of the opposition outside our box. Their striker took a lovely shot which ended up in the back of our net. 2-1 Greenfields.

As the game continued, the Greens won a throw-in, taken by George who put it at the feet of Ollie, he took a great touch, turned and put a lovely strike on the ball to plant it firmly in the back of the net. 3-1 Greenfields.

Play continued with great shots from both sides with lots of back and fourth play. West Borough then managed to get a break in play which led to a lovely cross and a tap into the back of our net 3-2 Greenfields.

After more dominant play from Greenfields, a rogue ball flew into our half, George came out of goal to clear it well. Unfortunately, this clearance subsequently landed at the feet of the opposition who kept possession well and took a great strike on the ball to put it in the back of our net. 3 all.

Not only did the game then go into extra time, it also went into almost complete darkness. Greenfields battled on well and Oliver managed to pull off a great cross into the box for Tommy who laid it on beautifully for Ollie to score a hattrick. 4-3 Greenfields.

After the Greens continued to fight, the ball fumbled around in the box where Oliver managed to make contact and put the ball into the back of the net leaving the result to end 5-3 to Greenfields.

UKS2 Netball League Vs South Borough

11/01/237-0 loss

On their first game of the year, our netball team travelled to South Borough for their game. They fought off terribly cold weather and pelting rain to give their all for the team. The children had lots of opportunities, but South Borough’s defence was water tight. It was a very even game, South Borough just had more game experience than we did and a very solid defence. The game finished 7-0 to South Borough with 4 goals scored in the first quarter and then only one goal per subsequent quarters

UKS2 Girls Football Cup Vs St James the Great12/01/23forfeited-
Badminton Festival at Maplesden Noakes23/01/23-A group of year 5 and 6 children went to Maplesden to participate in a Badminton taster festival. The children were introduced to the sport and took part in lots of different badminton themed activities and drills. They all had a great time and showed great improvement across the session.
Inclusive Cricket At Stour Leisure Centre 26/01/23-7 children went all the way over to Ashford to play in a cricket festival where they played 3 games of rapid-fire cricket and 3 games of traffic light cricket. We came up against 3 different schools, who were all years 6-9, making us the youngest team in attendance. Despite this, the children fought hard and played some great cricket. The children all had a lovely time and enjoyed mixing with other schools.
UKS2 Boys Football League Vs Bredhurst26/01/232-0 winThe boys team travelled to Bredurst for this fixture, who’s team consisted of children in years 3 – 6. They were a very strong team, with some extremely good individual talent – especially from their goalkeeper. It was a tough game with lots of back and forth, but the boys persisted and prevailed. The game finished 2-0 to Greenfields with goals from both Tommy and George. A special mention to our goalkeeper, George, who put in a great shift and pulled off some amazing saves to keep the clean sheet.
UKS2 Boys Football Cup Vs Snodland27/01/233-0 lossOnly a day after their last game, the boys then travelled over to Snodland for the next round in the cup. This was a tough game as Snodland are a great team with the same grit and determination as we have. Snodland managed to pull off 2 early goals to put them ahead. Greenfields came back fighting but Snodland managed to put another goal away before the half was over. For the second half, the boys went back out with even more fight and persistence, they played so well and had so many chances on goal. Sadly, the boys were unable to find the back of the next in this game and the match ended 3-0 to Snodland.
UKS2 Girls Football League Vs South Borough27/01/235-2 lossThe girls travelled to South Borough for their very first game of the season, after being postponed twice due to bad weather. They fought hard and started off with an early lead with two goals from Doris. Despite this, South Borough came back fighting and managed to score 5 goals in the second half – all scored by the same player. Our girls never dropped their heads and fought hard to craw back some goals but sadly couldn’t find the back of the net. A special mention to Leah who put in an amazing shift and won herself player of the match.
UKS2 Girls Football League Vs Marden31/01/238-2 win

This was our first home game of the season after St James the Great forfeited their cup fixture. The girls came out to play with confidence and this was telling throughout the game. They kicked off and gained possession quickly. Leah gained control of the ball and dribbled it half the length of the pitch. She then put a fantastic strike on the ball which planted it straight into the back of the net.

Play continued and Doris was ready to get some goals for herself after getting a taste for it in the game before. She then went onto score our 2nd, 3rd, 4th and 5th goals.

5-0 at halftime to Greenfields.

As the second half went on, Marden managed to get a goal back, but this did not shake our girls. The fought back hard and Izzy managed to find the back of the net, scoring her first goal in a Greenfields shirt. Marden, also came back fighting, determined not to give up and scored another goal. The Greens were not having any of this, they fought back and Ivy-Mae took her turn to find the back of the net, also scoring her first goal in a Greenfields shirt. A special mention to Parissa, who’s defence was on fire and she earnt herself player of the match.
KS1 Football League Vs Tiger01/02/234-0 winThis fixture was also this team’s first home game and they came out ready and excited to play. They showed so much development since their first game back in November with Gracie guarding our defence so well – nothing got past her! The team all played incredibly well, with fabulous game play from Lleyton and brilliant skills from Callum, Tyler and Reggie who all managed to find the back of the net, scoring their first goals for the Greens. Overall, it was a great game, with great football and great attitudes from all the children, both Greenfields and Tiger alike. A special mention to Freddie in goal, he didn’t have many touches on the ball, but not once did he lose his focus!
UKS2 Boys Football League Vs Tiger01/02/230-0 drawThis was a really great game where both teams fought so hard. There were lots of back and forth play where both teams showed off some really amazing footballing talent, both defensively and in attack. This was a great game with two clean sheets.
KS1 Kent Teach Games Cross Country 02/02/23All the children came out excited and ready to race. KS1 completed a 1km track with a special shout out to Frey who won her race and Archie who came fourth.
LKS2 Kent Teach Games Cross Country 02/02/23

Boys - no place

Girls - 2nd

The LKS2 race was 1.5km where everyone gave their all. A special mention to Doris who battled and fought so hard for her success and this hard battle enabled her to take home the first-place medal and secure a second-place position overall for Team Greenfields.
UKS2 Kent Teach Games Cross Country 02/02/23

Boys - no place

Girls - 1st 

UKS2 children had a 2km race to complete and this took its toll on our runners. They all gave their all and fought hard. A special mention to Olivija who won her race by quite some time which secured a first place position for Team Greenfields.
Netball League Vs Coxheath02/02/238-4 winOur netball team travelled to their second fixture where they played Coxheath. They were prepped and ready to go and bought real energy to the match. They fought hard and between Samuel and George, managed to score 8 goals. Coxheath also fought hard, scoring 4 goals but overall, we were the stronger team and took home the win.
Infant Agility at Maplesden Noakes06/02/23-A group of KS1 children went over to Maplesden Noakes to take part in some agility exercises and activities. They went around a group of 10 activities where they had to use a variety of physical skills to succeed. They all had a great time and loved representing Team Greenfields.
UKS2 Girls Football Cup Vs Langley Park07/02/23forfeited-
Netball Cup Vs Barming08/02/232-0 winThe netballers travelled away for their third fixture this term and for their first cup game of the year. We were the stronger team and dominated most of the game, but struggled to find the net, just missing some of our shots. Barming had some great players and a good goalkeeper who also kept our shots at bay. In spite of this, Samuel and George finally managed to find the net to score two goals, giving us the win and allowing us to progress in the cup.