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Term 3 - Animals

Term 3 is all about animals! Willow Trees will be learning about the different animal groups and the features that help us to classify them. The children will learn about different habitats and what animals may live there, diets (carnivore, herbivore or omnivore), food chains and also the parts of the human body and what humans need to stay healthy. We will have some musical fun too, using instruments and our voices to re-create animal sounds, such as the loud stomp of an elephant, the roar of a lion or the quiet tiptoe of a mouse!

Take a look at the Knowledge Organiser for this term!

🎶 Animal Antics! 🎶


The final part of our animals topic has a musical focus! We began by appraising music! We listened to a classical piece called ‘The Carnival of the Animals’ by Charles Dutoit. We used musical vocabulary, such as ‘high’, ‘low’, ‘long’, ‘short’, ‘volume’ and ‘tempo’ to discuss the music and describe what animal it made us think of!


Next, we practised our musical performance skills! We created our own verses for the song, ‘Down in the Jungle’. Check out the videos of our brilliant singing!

Click on the below link to the Video Resource Centre, scroll down to Willow, then watch our amazing videos!

‘The Carnival of the Animals’, Charles Dutoit

This is the classical music we listened to. We did a great job at appraising it and discussing the animals it reminded of and why!

🐅🦒 Our trip to Wingham Wildlife Park! 🐆🦧

What an amazing day we had! We saw so many animals and learned some excellent facts! We were also able to apply our knowledge of the types of animals, diets and habits! We even remembered our continents of the world to help look on the maps to see where the animals came from! We hope you like our photos from our fun day at the zoo!


Willow Trees were an absolute pleasure to take out for the day. Their behaviour was exemplary and they were superb ambassadors for the school!

We’ve done some brilliant writing about the trip...

We really enjoyed looking closely at the animals and reading the information boards!

We even saw dinosaurs and giant bugs!

We worked in groups to discuss the features of different habitats!

In maths, we have been multiplying. We know this means ‘equal groups of’...

...we have also explored arrays!

We can identify what living things need to survive, and what are ‘wants’ rather than ‘needs’.

We have learnt about the features and structures of different animals!

We learnt about animals and their diets. We learnt about carnivores, herbivores and omnivores!

We began by sorting different animals into groups, using headings that we came up with in our groups...

In maths, we are learning about multiplication! We began by recognising that multiplication means 'equal groups of'...