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Term 3 - Awesome Algorithms

Awesome Algorithms

This term, we will be learning how to programme Bee-Bots. We will learn about algorithms and how to input them into the Bee-Bot so that it arrives at a specific destination. When we are secure with algorithms, we will learn how to debug algorithms so that we are able to identify errors and correct them.  We will explorer real life application of programming and how it can be used in many areas of our daily lives. Finally, we will move onto using a coding programmes called Scratch Jnr to create more complex algorithms.

We have been exploring the Bee-Bots and the Bee-Bot app on the iPad.

We braved the cold for some orienteering. This was the perfect way for us to practice our directional language and following instructions.

We learned about directional language and then gave our partners directions to get them to a specific destination in school