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Term 4 - Amazing Artists

Willow Trees are getting arty this term! We will be exploring the world of sculpture, focussing on 3 artists to analyse, discuss and compare works of art. We will then learn how to sculpt using clay! We will link this to the exciting book we are studying in English...'Where the Wild Things Are.' Each child has been given their own copy of the book to keep and enjoy forever! We can't wait to show you the amazing writing that Willow Trees produce. We will also be using our clay skills to design and make our very own Wild Things!


After this, we will be learning about Jewish People, special symbols and celebrations!

Have a look at our Knowledge Organisers for this topic!

We painted our Wild Things so carefully, mixing our own colours and following our designs closely!

Look at our amazing clay Wild Things!

Exploring colour, tones, shades and tints...

We have been exploring persuasion and using conjunctions!

Our diary entries are amazing!

We thought carefully about the characters’ thoughts and feelings...

We used props to role play the characters from the book!

Look at our brilliant setting descriptions!

We worked in groups to plan adjectives about the settings in our book!

Look at our amazing sculptor sketchbook pages!

We have explored the sculptures of 3 artists and recorded this in our sketchbooks!

Where The Wild Things Are!

For our first English lesson based on this book, Miss B-H only showed us the front and back cover! She’d even covered up the title! We had to use our prediction and inference skills to discuss what we thought the book would be about. In the next lesson, we finally got to hear the story…we loved it! We then sequenced the key events from the story, writing sentences to go with it. Have a look at our work so far…

The book doesn’t have a we wrote one of our own!