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Term 4 - Bright Lights, Big City

To start off the term we will be looking at the different seasons and the changes of weather within them. We will then look at England's capital city London and explore what it is like living in a city. After that, we will focus on a rural area and make comparisons between the city and countryside. We will use maps to gain a better understanding of locations and certain landmarks within London. Concluding our learning, with a visit to London to see the city and landmarks we have learnt so much about!


Take a look at our knowledge organiser below.

To start the topic we discussed different types of weather and created outfits appropriate for a given weather. 

We discussed what weather was more common in each season and learnt how the environment changes with the seasons.

We created our own rain gauges and will be placing them around school to record the weekly rainfall. 

Using thermometers we recorded the temperature for different parts of the school and we even went outside to record the temperature. There was a big difference!

While learning about the UK we used atlases to identify which countries made up the UK and locate their capital cities.

We now know the difference between physical and human features in cities or the countryside. 

To finish our topic Lime trees went on a walking tour of London to see the famous landmarks. We also did the Tower Bridge experience, where we walked over the top and visited the engine rooms to see how it all works. We had so much fun have a look at our pictures!