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Term 5 - Houses and Homes

This topic will encourage lots of skills development in many curriculum areas!! We will begin by focusing on materials and their properties, linking this to homes around the world! We will carry out a scientific investigation into what material would be best suited for building a roof- we want to make sure it's waterproof! After this, we will explore houses in our local area and a nearby village, discussing and comparing the houses and what materials we can see. Whilst doing this, we will also develop our map skills, reading maps to complete a scavenger hunt and creating our own simple maps with a key! Finally, once we are experts on what materials would be most suitable for different parts of houses, we will practise our DT skills to build a house!

Take a look at the Knowledge Organiser for this term!

⛪️🏘Fieldwork! 🏡🏗


Willow Trees took a trip to Headcorn village! We had a scavenger hunt and had to follow the route and locate the different houses and buildings. We looked at OS maps and identified different symbols, completed observational drawings and asked questions/made observations about what we could see! We finished our trail with a picnic on the green and a play in the park!

In English, we are looking at alternative traditional tales. We began by creating freeze frames to retell The Three Little Pigs! 🐽 🐷 🐖

Look at our amazing factual writing about houses around the world!

We have carried out a scientific investigation into whether materials are waterproof or not!

We thought about what materials houses around would be made of.

We explored materials and their properties, using technical vocabulary to describe them!

Then we sorted a range of everyday objects.

In maths, we are exploring 3D shapes!