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Term 5 - Survival


In term 5, our topic is all about survival! We'll begin by exploring what it is that all living things need to survive.  We will explore ways to classify animals and plants and use key questions to help us identify these groups. We also begin to look at the diets of a variety of animals and carefully examine 'poo' samples to work out which animal did it! Then, we will explore how a range of plants and animals (including humans) change over time. Using the ipads, we will create a stop motion life cycle movie of a chosen animal. 

We started the term by learning which things are classed as living, dead or never alive. We used the acronym Mrs Green to workout the features of living things. 

We went on a hunt around school to find living, dead and never alive things. We went through our Mrs Gren checklist to help us decide which category things belonged to. 

We took a closer look at humans and plants as living things. Drawing and labelling the human body and connecting body parts with the important senses.

In our road safety workshop we found out that we use our senses as part of the Highway Code.

Year 1 - Highway Code

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We learnt that classifying means that animals are put into specific groups depending on their features. Looking at pictures as a class we made our predictions of where each animal goes, after we learnt what each groups features were. 

Now we know the features of the animal groups we created our own animal based on them.

As well as being classified by their features we can classify animals by their diets. Time to investigate some poo!

We used tweezers and magnifying glasses to take a closer look at animals poo to find out what they have been eating. 

We went on a trip to Wildwood Kent and learnt about food chains and saw some cool animals. We even got look at animal skulls! Using our detective skills we worked out whether they were carnivore, omnivore or herbivore animals.