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Thursday 11th


Phonics Thursday 11th February 2021


Starter: Play acorn adventures on Phonics play

Acorn Adventures (


Activity & Application: Read each sentence. Rewrite the sentence using speech marks. Example: Poppy told her teacher that she forgot her homework, becomes: 

 “I forgot my homework,” said Poppy.



Today you are going to continue to look at the time on an analogue clock, concentrating on quarter past the hour and quarter to the hour. 


Task one

Look carefully at each clock and write the time in the box below. 


Task two

Can you read the time given under each clock and draw the hands on carefully to represent the time.



Shorter hand = hour hand (will point at hour)

Longer hand = Minute hand (will point at 3 or 9)


When the minute hand is pointing to the 3 it is quarter past

When the minute hand is pointing to the 9 it is quarter to



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