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Thursday 25th Feb


Starter – please use the following link - Sentence Substitution ( choose 3 different sentences to complete.

Activity – Remind an adult or sibling what an expanded noun phrase is (an expanded noun phrase is a small group of words that add more detail and description to a noun). Things to remember –

Noun – A person, a place or an object

Adjective – a word that is used to describe a noun

Today, you are going to create your own expanded noun phrases.

Application – Please open the document look at each picture to identify the different nouns. Once you have identified the nouns think of adjectives for each of them to expand the noun. Then place your expanded nouns into a sentence.


Today you will be measuring larger items using a metre stick or measuring tape. First make a prediction of the length or height of each of the listed items to measure then measure them and record the actual measurements. How close were you? Can you record the difference? 

  • Hopefully you had lots of fun planting your seeds yesterday.
  • Today we are going to start to look at what plants need to survive. 
  • Watch the video below and then open the document to find your challenges.


  • Using the document below, learn the lyrics to the song. 
  • We would love to see a video of you singing so please email them to us if you can!