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Thursday 28th

Phonics Thursday 28th


Starter – please use the following link - Tricky Word Trucks ( to practice reading tricky words. Please select PHASE 5 ALL HFW


Activity - can you remind your parent or sibling what the four different types of sentences are and what piece of punctuation you use at the end of each of them.

Today we are going to either turn a question into a statement or a statement into a question.


Task one – turn your questions from yesterday into statements

Example - 

What time are we going to McDonalds today? 

We are going to McDonalds today.


Task two – turn your statements from yesterday into questions

Example - 

I want some eggs, bread and milk from Morrisons.

Can you get some eggs, bread and milk from Morrisons?





Today, we are going to be using a blank numberline to subtract numbers and work out change. However, today you need to decide if the change on the sheet is correct or not.

Please watch the video from yesterday to remind you of the method. 

Subtraction using a blank number line

Still image for this video

Remember to: 

  • Create your number sentence (how much you have to spend - what you are buying)
  • Draw your chips and peas on the second number in the number sentence 
  • Draw a blank number line 
  • Write the first number (from the number sentence) at the end of the link 
  • Take your small pea jumps 
  • Take your large chip jumps
  • Count backwards - place a number at the end of each jump
  • Write your answer 
  • Check
  • Work out the total change stated 
  • Compare your change to the change total on the sheet
  • Decide if it is correct or incorrect

Topic - PE

  • The document below is your set challenge for the week however Mr Borg has also filmed some PE videos if you would like to join in, follow the link below.
  • If you're feeling up to it, we would love to see some videos of you doing your dance routines or workouts so please email them across to 


  • Below is a song/video called 'The Big Toy Shop'.
  • The lyrics are about toys - linked to our reading theme this week - and the tune is to 'Here we go round the mulberry bush'.
  • Your challenge is the learn the lyrics and practice singing it.
  • We would love to see some videos of you singing so please email us some 

Still image for this video