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On this page you will find details about the TA training Units available for the Summer Term. Please register for each Unit by filling in the relevant contact form. You will receive an email notification for each Unit you register with and we recommend you keep this information for future use. 

Please remember your action log is where you will need to record all your training and the purpose of any other allocated hours in school. Remember to get this signed off each term by your AHT.


Action log and Feedback forms

Early Years 5 and 6 - Thursday 9th May and Thursday 20th June

(Unit leads - Steph Bennett and Karen Judd Location - Dan's office) Have you ever wondered how our children get such a wonderful start to their school journey? Do you want to know how practitioners create the environment for children to lead their own learning? What are they observing? What expectations are there on the children? This extensive and in-depth training unit is an absolute must for this seeking to enhance their practice and broaden their range of skills in the school environment. There will be a wide range of practical learning opportunities, group and individual tasks and discussion opportunities over the course of six sessions.

Literacy Key skills 2 - TBC (Postponed due to Ofsted)

(Unit lead - Anthony Thew Location - Palm trees) Do you know what teachers are looking for in our children’s writing? What are the opportunities to support and move children on when they’re in the process of writing? What are the steps that take a child towards independence and creativity in their writing? This essential Unit has been designed to provide all staff with the key understanding of how we teach and support writing across our school. This Unit is being delivered to Teachers and all support staff to maximise the impact on children’s outcomes. You will have a better understanding of how a writing genre is broken down across the year groups, what you could expect a child in your class to be able to do and how you can use feedback to move them on. An absolute must for all staff in all areas of the school.

Handwriting help 2 - Wednesday 12th June

(Unit lead - Anthony Thew Location - Palm trees) It has the most impact on how many of us judge a child’s outcomes, so why not take the chance to really support children’s progress in it? This Unit is about a clearer understanding of the expectations for every age group in school and what the barriers may be to progress for an individual child. Get to know the policy inside out and then learn a range of really effective activities that you can do to support all children to produce improved handwriting—whatever their starting point. Why not also share what you have seen to be effective? Participants will come away skilled up and ready to make a real difference to every child—you might even improve your own handwriting along the way!

Practical Maths 3 - Thursday 13th June

(Unit lead - Lily Garner Location - Silver Birch) Every classroom in our school is equipped with any number of practical resources – how much do you know about what they can be used for? What is your experience of how much progress children can make when they are able to learn about abstract maths in a practical way? In this Unit you will get the opportunity to investigate the many uses for those resources filling the trays and cupboards of our classrooms and find ways to provide inclusive, practical support to the children you are supporting. Over this course of sessions, you will develop an array of applications and games that can be used in maths and arithmetic lessons as well as within targeted interventions. You will also be able to identify resources to call upon when the children you are supporting come up against barriers to their learning and make a real difference, real fast!

Confident ICT and communicate in Print - Wednesday 26th June

(Unit lead - Richard Minton Location - Palm trees) Does the thought of using a laptop give you the shivers? How confident are you at supporting children to find and use images from internet searches in their documents? If your answer is Yes! and Not very! then this Unit is definitely for you. You will investigate the most effective ways to save and use images in documents, how to format text and support children to make the most from their ICT opportunities. Alongside this, you will have the opportunity to explore and build confidence in using the interactive whiteboards and Lynx programmes around school. Throughout you can ask questions about the smallest tweaks and techniques as well as learning a number of troubleshooting strategies for a range of devices in school. ICT can be a powerful tool in our learning environment and this unit should give you the confidence to use it or to brush up on techniques that you use throughout your work.

Effective Display 2 - Thursday 27th June

(Unit lead - Lily Garner Location - Silver Birch) Why do we have displays? What purpose do they serve for our children and wider community? How do we make the most of displays and what makes it effective? In this Unit you will be given the opportunity to analyse what is working well in a display and how they could be improved even more. Then you will be given the chance to use your knowledge and experience to design and produce a new display that reflects our school values and celebrate children’s outcomes in a creative way. You will also have the opportunity to impact on what is possible in the school and how we get the best value out of the resources we have. There is plenty of scope to really expand your creative instincts and set a new standard for our learning environments.

Wellbeing and Involvement 2 - Wednesday 3rd July

(Unit lead - Louise Button Location - Oak trees) What can you learn from spending the time to observe a child in the classroom? How does this process benefit teacher’s practice and most importantly the children’s participation in our school? What could we do with this information to improve how we operate everyday? By signing up to this Unit, you will develop a much better understanding of the theory and knowledge that is used to judge a child’s wellbeing and involvement in the classroom. Your own experience is vital and this Unit will give you the chance to reflect on this as well. A powerful and purposeful opportunity to discuss and strengthen knowledge in such a vital aspect of our school ethos.

Supporting positive play 2 - Thursday 11th July

(Unit leads - Richard Minton Location- Sycamores) We spend many hours planning and preparing for our time in the classroom but how much thought do we put into what could happen at playtime? Is it possible to offer children new ideas and engaging choices in the playground without the need for much equipment and to help children over the barriers that often prevent effective play? We think the answer is Yes! and this Unit is intended to give colleagues the opportunity to develop a whole set of games and activities to call upon. You will discover how to make the most of the outdoor spaces we have and give our children even more of what’s good about our school…and have some fun along the way!