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Tuesday 12th

Phonics Play login details 


Phonics play a website we use on a regular basis to support with the teaching of phonics. It is full of games and ideas. Over the next few weeks, I will be setting tasks that involve using the games, therefore - 


You may log in with the following details:

username: jan21

password: home

Phonics - Past and Present 


Starter - please use the following link -   Flashcards Speed Trials ( and see how quickly you can read all of the flashcards. Play a couple of times and see if you can get quicker each time. 



Activity - remind your adult or a sibling what past and present tense means. Can you give them some examples of past tense words and then present tense words. 

Today, with an adult or sibling,  I would like you to play noughts and crosses. Create a noughts and crosses grid (I have attached an example below) with a range of past and present words. When playing 

  • Choose a square
  • Read the word in the square 
  • Change it into past or present  If the word in the square is eat you would say " eat and ate"
  • If you get it correct you can either draw your nought or your cross


Once you have completed one game, complete another grid and play again :)



Apply - Randomly choose some of the words from your noughts and crosses board and verbally place them into a sentence. Then change the sentence to either past or present. 

eg Joe is happily eating a cheese sandwich   -    Joe happily ate a cheese sandwich 





We know that some people are not able to access the books via the app. Therefore please use the following link which will take you directly to the book. You will need to Log in at the top of the page. Choose Student and educators and when it asks for the class code please use the following -  pgd5687


Epic - Books for Kids (


  • Please finish 'Niko draws a feeling' on Epic
  • Then answer the questions and complete activity on attached document 

Maths - Ordering coins by their value

Still image for this video

Maths activity sheet