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Tuesday 26th

Phonics Tuesday 26th


Starter – please use the following link -  Flashcards Speed Trials ( and see how quickly you can read all of the flashcards. Play a couple of times and see if you can get quicker each time. Please choose 'All Phases'


Activity – can you remind your parent or sibling what the four different types of sentences are and the punctuation used at the end of each of them. 


Open the document below – can you use your knowledge of sentences to help you sort the sentences under the following headings and add the correct punctuation to them – commands, statements, questions and exclamations.


Adding different amounts (2 digit + 2 digit)


Today in maths, you are visiting the Oak Tree Toy Shop again. You will need to choose a two toys and add their values together to find the total value. Mrs Webber has created a video below to remind you how to use a blank numberline when adding two numbers together. Today you will be adding two 2 digit numbers together. 

Adding using a blank number line - 2 digit + 2 digit

Still image for this video

Remeber to - 

  • Choose 2 toys 
  • Write the number sentence eg 12p + 25p = 
  • Draw your peas and chips under the second number 
  • Draw a numberline 
  • Write the first number at the beginning
  • Take your pea jumps (Number of peas under your second number) - small
  • Take your chip jumps (Number of chips under the second number) - large
  • Count in ones - placing the number at the end of each jump 
  • Count in tens (tens increases and ones stays the same)
  • Write your answer 
  • Check