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Click the link below to take a look at what will be covered in our Ancient Egyptian experience!

Threading through the curriculum...

Through our engaging and comprehensive Learning Experiences, we strive to ensure that many natural links to other areas of the curriculum are explored alongside our historical learning.


UKS2's Ancient Egypt learning experience has produced not only some fantastic history outcomes, but also some excellent English pieces. Children have created explanation texts about the mummification process and non-chronological reports all about this period in history. Have a look at some of the brilliant outcomes below and watch this space for some brilliant narrative writing, based on the traditional tale, 'The Egyptian Cinderella'.




In addition to the wonderful English outcomes, the Ancient Egyptian theme has continued seamlessly into UKS2's next learning experience, where they will be using their historical knowledge, alongside their design skills, to create an artefact that would have been found in an Ancient Egyptian burial chamber. Keep checking this page for updates on their progress!

Ancient Egypt Workshop!


The UKS2 team planned and delivered an exciting whole-day workshop for the children as an exciting hook to the Learning Experience. Everyone dressed up in Egyptian costumes (after spending some time the day before creating Egyptian accessories to wear) and there were a range of activities planned for the children throughout the day. We began with an interactive timeline to introduce the chronology before heading off to take part in a quiz, handle artefacts and play some Ancient Egyptian sports and board games. The day concluded with a mummification demonstration, which was a huge hit with the children, who found the organ removal especially entertaining!


Click the link below to see the planning document for the day, then check out the photos to see what a fun and engaging day was had by all!

Every child in UKS2 reflected on the day and achieved an observation note!

A chronology focus!


The overarching aim for History at Greenfields this academic year is 'to ensure that children in all phases have an age-appropriate understanding of chronology in order to allow for cohesion and context in their historical learning'. With this in mind, UKS2 dedicated the beginning of their experience to learning the chronology of the Ancient Egyptian period, focussing on key events and dates from the era, but also concurrent everts and periods, to fully understand what was happening in other parts of the world around the same time.


As a result of this, they were able to create some brilliant timelines and make connections/identify similarities and differences between a number of historical periods.


Using the Seesaw app to reflect on history learning...

Examples of some brilliant Ancient Egyptian history work in UKS2...