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Ancient Greeks

UKS2 have had a fabulous Ancient Greek learning experience. They have continued to develop their understanding of chronology (even forming connections with previous topics), compared life in Ancient Greece to modern life, learnt about Greek gods and goddesses and even tasted typical Ancient Greek food! Alongside all of this brilliant learning, they have also formed excellent connections with other areas of the curriculum, producing lots of high-quality writing linked to Ancient Greece!

Ancient Greek workshop

Fantastic work produced by UKS2 children!


Pupil Voice!


Can you tell me something about your history learning this term?

"The Mayans played all sorts of games! Like Pok-a-tok…you can’t use your arms and legs. If you lost you get sacrificed to the gods!”

“Farming was probably the most important thing, like the Ancient Egyptians too.”

“Maya started around 2000BC and ended in 1314AD when the Spanish came to take over.”

“All the families lived in one room with no windows.”


Do you know what any of this vocabulary means?

“They had loads of temples and worship because they had over 300 gods. They represented the gods through masks.”

“Astronomy links to the Mayan calendar. They used it to plan when to plant their crops by looking at the stuff.”

“Where the Mayans lived used to be called Mesoamerica.”


What different things can we use to learn about people/events from the past?

How trustworthy are these sources?

“We need to use lots of different sources to fully trust it.”

“Artefacts. Some could be real, some could just be copies.”

“I think the stuff archaeologists are the most reliable thing!”