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Can you tell me something about your learning in RE this term?

We have been learning about what Christians believe. They believe that God created the world. They call him the creator”.

"Our local church has lots of events. Their aim is to get the country together. They are also working to be eco-friendly."

"Natural Evil and Moral Evil. Natural Evil is something like a natural disaster, like a flood. Moral Evil is when someone does something evil."

"We have learnt about what is in a church. People go there to pray and to feel closer to God."


Are there any new words that you have learned in RE for the first time?


"Omnipotent means God that is all powerful."

“Omniscient means he is all knowing. He knows everything!

Christians describe God as benevolent which means he loves us all

"Atheism means that you are not religious and you do not believe in a God."