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During this fizzing and bubbling experience, children studied the properties and changes of materials, including the different states (solids, liquids and gasses) and how this is evident within dissolving and mixing. They also explored reversible and irreversible changes. The learning experience progressed with children being given the opportunity to explore and investigate the ‘fizzy nature’ of a bath bomb. They experienced a range of designs, scents and styles, noting how this could impact their own market research and its development into a saleable and appealing product. Finally, they applied their skills and research to design, create and evaluate a unique bath bomb- thar made the perfect Christmas gift!

Understanding States of Matter 


The children started their experience with looking at states of matter - comparing them and finding out how they are different from each other. They indpendently researched into these using IPADS and laptops. They have then used scientific language and drawings to describe and show each state of matter. 

Observing Changes 


The children added different solid particles to water. Before completing the experiements, they made predictions on what they thought would happen. They then observed before stirring and then after stirring and made scientific notes.