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Upper Key Stage 2

Upper Key Stage 2 have been learning how to play hockey this term. 

To start every lesson, the children completed a warm up where they played a variety of games: The Bean Game, The Pirate Game and Pac-Man. This was followed by the children completing a variety of stretches for all different parts of their body.

The first skill in hockey the children learnt, was dribbling. It is important that the children have personal control of the ball. To learn this skill, the children completed lots of drills including: robin's hood, dribbling around cones and throw gates, personal control in small areas.

The children moved onto to learning how to efficiently pass the ball and also how to block the ball. They completed some drills to support this and also worked on incorporating these skills with their dribbling skills.

Once the children had masted accurate and efficient passing, they moved onto shooting. They completed drills which allowed the children to dribbling into the shooting area, before taking shots at goal.

Next, they worked on their attacking and defending skills. They challenged each other by trying to gain possession of the ball by correctly tackling each other and also intercepting the ball between passes. They then went onto playing games against one another.