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W/C 08.02.21

Snowy Sunday!!!

I hope you all managed to go out and explore the snow yesterday! What did the snow feel like? Did you build a snowman or go sledging? Please send me your photos of you having fun in the snow smiley

Monday 8th February

As part of our People who help us topic, this week we are learning about vets. Today I would like you to watch BBC iPlayer - Ferne and Rorys Vet Tales - Series 1: 1. Willow the Dog then I would like you to role play being a vet with your favourite cuddly animal. What is wrong with your patient? What do you need to do to help them feel better? 



Wednesday 10th February

Hello Pear Trees, this is your last scavenger hunt before half term! This week is a colour hunt. Find as many objects to match the colours as you can. Happy searching smiley

Friday 12th February

Happy Chinese New Year! For your home learning today I would like you to watch this episode of the Go Jetters BBC iPlayer - Go Jetters - Series 3: 25. Chinese New Year, Dragon Dance Drama Then I would like you have a go at some Chinese writing. In the attached document is how you write Happy New Year in Chinese. It's a bit tricky but I'm sure you will all do a great job smiley